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It is a known fact that printed material leaves a lasting impression and is easy to remember.

Creative Layers is a One Stop Solution for all your design & print needs as we offer graphic design, printing, finishing and distribution all under one roof maximizing on benefits of package pricing.

Logo Design and Corporate Image
  • The 1st impression always lasts long. Create an unforgettable identity for your newly start up because you are going to grow big one day.
  • We offer a package price for
    • Logo design and placement of logos on office stationery.
    • For logo design, invoice, letterhead, namecard layout etc.
Please check with us for your requirements so as to assist you better

Proven Studies show that Print Advertising is twice as effective compared to TV ads. People remember printed stuff better than what’s just heard.

We offer different types of printing papers from 70 gsm to 260 gsm for the above. We can also do thick board coverpages for your coffee table books and magazines etc.

To get a quote from us please email us your requirement with the following details:
  • Type of print product & quantity? (Brochures / Name cards etc) & (1000 / 3000 / 5000 etc)
  • What are your colour requirements? (Full Colour / Single Colour / pantone colour etc)
  • What is the size of your print-out (A3 / A4 / others?)
  • If your print-out is a brochure, how many pages will your print-out be? (4pp / 8pp / 12pp etc)
  • Do you have any preference for your paper quality? (70 /100/105/128/157/230/260 etc gsm


We also offer distribution services for flyers
  • HDB Dr to Dr Distribution
  • Landed Dr to Dr Distribution
  • Condo Distribution (Singapore Post)
  • Commercial Letterbox Distribution
  • Car Drop
  • Walkway Handouts
  • Reasons Clients Choose Us
Full Time Distributors Only
  • Daily Report Available
  • Established Office & Clientele
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • One Stop Design + Print + Distribution Solution
  • Reliable --> No Wastage
  • Customized Distribution Planning
Business cards are very important for any business as it creates the first impression to all customers and serve handy for future requirements. We offers the following printing options
  • Spot/Full Colour Printing
  • Matt/Gloss Lamination
  • Round corner/odd shape die cut
  • Embossing
  • Printing on Fancy Card
  • Hot Stamping
  • UV Spot printing

Paper: 250 gsm BB /260 gsm Artcard

Most Popular Choice:
Double sided full colour offset name card with matt lamination on both sides.

Serialized Invoices/Vouchers/NCR Forms
Serialized Invoices
We offer design and layout for customizing your invoices and providing serialization for accounting records.
Finishing is available in loose, pads and booklets.


This is a fantastic way to get repeat business. Encourage your client to buy from you again by
presenting them with a voucher to offset their next purchase with you.

NCR Forms.

Implement controls within your organization sales and accounts by having NCR forms for invoices,
purchase orders, sales order, delivery order etc.
Comes in 2 / 3/ 4 sheets per set of forms
Catalouges/Annual Reports/Magazines
Menucards/K.O.T Pads
Menu cards
We help to customize food menu for your cafe and restaurants.Tempt your customers to order favourites through attractive menu designs. See showcase for examples of our satisfied customers.
K.O.T Pads
Customize your kitchen order tickets to records guests choice from the menu and to intimate the food order to the chef, with special requests or type of cooking desired. K.O.T is available in 2 and 3 ply NCR carbonized/carbonless paper with choice of pads or booklets as finishing.
Invitation Cards/Labels/Calenders
Invitation Cards
Print personalized invitation/greeting cards for your birthdays/new launches/openings or other events to give a sophisticated touch.
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Get noticed throughout the year
  • Makes a great gift for customers, friends and family
  • Fun, unique and affordable
  • Keep track of important dates–at a glance
Desktop Calendars
Give a memorable gift to your customers. Choose from a variety of themed images and designs
DVD /CD cover Design
We can offer design services for dvd and cd covers. Customized your cd cover design to suit your occasion.
Thank you cards
An ideal way to thank people attending your events.
Power Point /E-greetings/Web Ads/Banners
We offer preparation of powerpoint/e-greetings/slides ranging from corporate to personal events eg anniversary, birthday parties…
Customized your e-greetings to send to your valued customers/clients/relatives to greet them on special occasions or festive seasons

E-mail marketing (EDM) is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers. It is cost-effective and can help build brand awareness and loyalty.

E-mail marketing allows you to communicate more information, more often. Your communications can include newsletters, preferred customer promotions, sale notifications, new service announcements, event invitations, greetings and much, much more.

With a well-planned-out e-mail campaign, your e-mail communications can gently lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important data, and drive the prospect to your website for more details and/or a purchase.

Web Ads/Banners
We can help you design your web ads/banners to announce your latest promotions/events to reach one of the most effective media being internet.

Web Banner Advertising is a type of Internet Marketing where by you pay another website X amount to display an advertising banner on their website for a certain length of time. The web banner links directly to your website, tempting visitors away from theirs and onto yours. Some times advertising on another website in the form of a web banner advert can yield a fairly good return.

We provide this type Internet Marketing service by utilising a network of high traffic websites, selecting similarly themed websites covering a similar topic as the target website. We will conduct the relevant research on which websites are best suitable for your web banner advertisement campaign.

Architectural walk throughs
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