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Customised Apparels not only create corporate image for your organization but also a sense of identity among both, all the staff and the customers. Please click here to access our catalogue to view the different options available.
Creative Layers offers different types of fabrics and printing methods based on choice and utility.
Please refer to description below to select appropriate method. If in any doubt, please contact us at 63446397 or drop in an email at creativelayers@ymail.com
Creative Layers offers the following types of printing methods for apparels
a) Silkscreen - A print made using a stencil process in which an image or design is superimposed on a very fine mesh screen and printing ink is squeegeed onto the printing surface through the area of the screen that is not covered by the stencil Silkscreen printing is usually used for designs with solid colours (no colour gradient).
The cost of using silkscreen print will depend on the number of colours of the design and the size of the design
b) Heat Transfer
Heat Transfer – Laser transfer
Heat transfer can be used to print custom printed graphic designs and photographs on 100% cotton and cotton-blended T-shirts (50/50) and other fiber materials.

The basic concept is very simple. A standard inkjet printer and regular inks are used to print on heat transfer paper. The heat transfer paper has a film on it and this is the side that is printed on. After printing, the transfer is placed on the shirt and both are heated in a heat press with medium to high pressure. When the heating cycle ends, the head of the press is lifted and the transfer is complete. Laser transfer is good for printing on shirts for short term uses as it is not as lasting as vinyl transfer. This kind of print can last for 10 to 20 washes. The cost of laser transfer will depend on the size and shape of your designs.

Heat Transfer – vinyl transfer
The transfer is put on a shirt and heated in a heat press, the ink becomes soft and sticky. When the heat is removed, the ink is stuck on the shirt so tightly that the paper back is easily removed and nothing remains on the shirt except the image.

Vinyl transfer can be last for 50 to 100 washes. The cost of laser transfer will depend on the size and shape of your designs

c) Embroidery - The art of working raised and ornamental designs in threads of silk, cotton, or other material, upon any woven fabric with a computerized embroidery machine/ by hand.
Prices for embroidery are dependent on three factors
  • the number of stitches (size of your logo),
  • the number of colours within the design,
  • quantity (economies of scale).
Choose from a wide range of colours. Download Creative Layers Pantone chart here.

Our cotton material can be made into round neck, v-neck, crew neck, mock collared (w/ zip) and even cotton jersey collared shirts (polo).
Why choose us?

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100% Cotton Round Neck Tshirts/100% Cotton Polo Tees
Create a corporate image for your company. Winbreakers/Blazer/Jackets give your staff the professional look especially when they are having client facing roles.

Choice of materials Sizes
Available Colours Minimum quantity
Print Method Print areas
Max no of colours Leadtime


School Uniforms
Uniforms create a sense of identify within the schools.
PE/Sports Attire
We provide a wide range printing
Soccer Jerseys
Vinyl printing (Jersey Printing), one of the popular method of printing which is often printed on jerseys. It is known for its superior printing results that are long-lasting and the colors won't fade. The smooth surface and a touch of shine to the print differentiates Decal Printing from Silk-Screen Printing. Decal Prints are also slightly raised and it feels soft. A plus point for Decal Printing is that it does not have high set-up costs and printing is not constrain to only duplicates, unlike Silk-Screen Printing.
Recommended to be used when
  • Large name printing is required. Eg. Name and Number printing for Jerseys.
  • Quantity is too low for Silk-Screen Printing, Decal Printing is the best recommended method for printing.
Kids apparels
Restaurants/Salons/Massage parlour uniforms