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PVC Banners/Indoor/Outdoor Glass stickers/Giant Banners(Unlimited Length)
Creative Layers delivers high impact, high quality PVC banners for both indoor and outdoor events at very affordable rates of only $2.50 psf which includes printing & finishing . You could opt to get metal eyelids to tie your banners or get pockets for hanging them on poles.
We offer printing with solvent based inks which increases the durability of the printing of the banner as compared to water based inks.
Glass stickers help to improve the ambience in your offices at the same time use the space efficiently to announce products/services/promotions. We also reverse side printing for glass stickers.
Our team of experience full time professional designers is able to conceptualize and design for you at a very affordable price from $60 onwards.
Our value added services also include installation work, PE endorsement and BCA permit application.
Pull –Up Banners/X stand Banners/Exhibition/Display Stands
Pull-Up Banners/X Stand Banners
Pull-Up Banners/X Stand Banners/Exhibition/Display Stands serve as ideally portable for your advertising needs as you may conveniently carry them with its light weight double padded carrying case that served extra protection.It saves space and can be kept safely when not in use.
Pull Up Banners/ X Stand Banners can be used indoors at malls,outside shops,at raodshows and exhibitions as well as outdoors in sertain cases.
Standard sizes include
Pull Up Banner/Retractable banner X Stand Banners  
Exhibition/Display Stands
Creative Layers offers several types of pop up display system. Pop Up Display Systems (Concave Curve/ Straight ) come with trolley, system,magnetic strips, graphic panels or fabric panels.
Our pop up display system is easy to use, value for money and durable. Furthermore, all our deluxe model pop up display system comes with a year guarantee and 1-1 replacement for any structural damage/ fault.
To ensure strong grip for all our display panels and accurate panel alignment, all our pop up display systems use magnet-to-magnet panel hanger.
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Wall Murals/Pillars Wraps
Wall Murals
A mural is any piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface
Wall Murals are a great way to decorate your home and your office. For homes, we offer to design murals for your childrens room to your siting area.
Religious organization can print murals to decorate their walls of their teachings.
Hotel /Restaurants can use mural to decorate or to improve their ambience or to display the menu items for customers to order their food.
These are just some of the many uses of wall murals.
Pillar Wraps/Stickers
At Creative Layers, we are able to do Design & Print various type of pillar wraps for various occasions.
We work very closely with several event companies and marketing agencies to set up their event venues.
Types of Pillar Wraps
  • PVC Pillar Wraps with eyelets fastening
  • Cloth Pillar Wraps
  • Outdoor Stickers with installation
A simple and yet effective way for your marketing needs. It helps to convey message about your products/services/promotions and helps decorate surroundings.
At Creative Layers, we provide valued added services such as Posters with Kapaline board mounting and PVC Capping at very affordable prices.
A billboard is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas.
Car Decals/Vehicle Wraps
Vehicle Wrapping for Vans,Buses,Trucks, Cars & Commercials can give you the ultimate marketing tool even as you are on the move.
The over-laminate not only provides the wrap project with a beautifully glossy finish, but helps to protect the vehicle from scratches, stone chips, vehicle brush washes, chemicals, petrol etc.
Event Back drops
Event backdrops are ideal for your seminars/performances/stage shows or other events. Not only it provides a visual impact, it provides uses with the vital information.
You could choose from PVC backdrops or Sticker backdrops as we provide installation and Tear down services as well. Installation and Tear down services are also available on weekends and public holidays and non working hours if required. ( *special rates apply)